Roch Leblond

Roch Leblond

I can sometimes be found at the Pembroke Mews
143 pembroke street west, Pembroke, Ontario

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Spiritual Teacher(Guru) and Psychic Consultant
also Medical Intuitive and energy healer.

Basically I am on the side of light.  I strive to never cause harm to others.  I perceive myself as a shield and a healer.

I am not a paranormal investigator,  spirit medium and table turner thus I am not interested in communicating with the dead(or demons) and I am not a scientist.

I have had some success at  being able to remove/cancel harmful magicks, psychic attacks, and spiritual attacks affecting humans.

For some situations I can take care of [and most times eliminate] ghosts, and invisible entities that make noise or a mess or injuries or death.

I  am willing to go anywhere to possibly eliminate ghostly problem, although it is determined I need to travel to problem site the client pays travel costs or gives me a ride to problem site.

I have no set rate.  I accept donation if client feels I helped.  And the donation can be given later or never.

I live in the downtown area of the City of Pembroke, Ontario, Canada.

To contact me email   info  @