Roch "Rocky" Leblond

Roch Leblond

I can sometimes be found at the Pembroke Mews
143 pembroke street west, Pembroke, Ontario

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I am a Medical Intuitive and healer that uses paranormal abilities to heal others

and am sometimes Wizard (of magick not stage illusions)

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If someone is victim of a summoning ritual or curse ritual or spell ritual gone wrong because of inexperience (or stupidity) I am willing to my put myself in harms and undo what went wrong so others don't die trying to undo what went wrong.  If you the reader of this web page of mine knows such a victim,  my spiritual heart will now locate the victim and undo what needs to be undone so as to save the victim ... at least all efforts will be made to accomplish positive outcome ... If I fail to produce positive outcome then please contact me I will strive to do study the rare situation of the victim and possibly provide a positive outcome.

If someone you know is apparently(or not apparently) possessed by some entities which are apparently evil because of you(the reader) reading this I will be attacked by one or more of the entities doing the possessing because I am a threat to them. 

I rarely notice these types of attack because I protect myself very well.  Because of the attack I will automatically force out from the possessed victim the entities that are sensible and break down to components parts the entities that are not very intelligent.   I will do healing prayer to fix any damage caused by the occupying entities.  If there is no change for the apparently possessed person then something else is the problem please contact me so I can study and possibly the victim of possession and possibly provide a positive outcome.   

Emotionally and/or physically abusing and/or torturing the apparently possessed person and/or forcing the victim to drink (or eat) something will never produce positive results.  Some entities are never affected by religious items and holy water; for these types of entities I have methods I have found effective for evicting them from victim.

A. healing

1. You want you a distance healing session to start immediately for you then touch on the word 'healing' which is in square brackets (use one of your fingers to touch where word is on your display ... it works because my spiritual hearts will detect you touched).  Warning: if you are evil or vindictive or cruel or sadistic then your evil urges will be gone after healing is completed because all the unnecessary evil substances will have been cleaned away.


2. The main activity of healing prayer when done for a client is to remove (or destroy) what is not part of client being so as to aid client being to heal a bit more quickly.  I do not remove or destroy things purposefully installed to client being or undo what was purposefully changed.  Sometimes cracks in bones may be fixed or holes patched but main tasks are to clean up at a rate that does not cause pain to client.

3. My high spiritual level also gives me perks of having lots of abilities classified as psychic or paranormal.  

B. about killing

1. If you killed one or more human because of your job[or accidentally] (or gave orders to kill) then you need healing(press your finger to above word 'healing') because your body was damaged by the killing 5 to 6 hours after.   If you performed euthanasia of dogs and cats you are also need of healing of the damage incurred 5 to 6 hours after death of each dog or cat euthanized. 

C. home cleansing

1. You want your home to be cleansed immediately of negativity and ghosts then touch on the word 'now' which is in square brackets (use one of your fingers to touch where word is on your display). 


2.  When cleansing occurs for your home I will rid of negativity and curses affecting your home and ghosts(you don't want) and evil spirits (the activity of cleansing can be understood as ghostbusting or ghost elimination and sometimes named ghost exorcism).  I can cleanse your home from my home I do not need to travel to your location. 

3. When I cleanse a home I also cleanse substances meant for human consumption which have become poisonous (or are poisonous) so that they are no longer poisonous.

D.  about me

1. I live in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada.

2. Basically I am on the side of light.  I strive to never cause harm to others.  I perceive myself as a shield and a healer.

3. I am not a paranormal investigator,  spirit medium and table turner thus I am not interested in communicating with the dead(or demons) and I am not a scientist.  

4. I have conditioned myself to not perform actions of evil, because if I were to inadvertently perform an evil action I will quite likely die from the punishment from God.  Punishment is proportional to spiritual level, someone who is of level 10 gets hit 3 units of punishment substances and other stuff.   In my case I may get hit by a trillion to the power 35 trillion units of punishment, thus for me it is very certain instant death; I don't plan to experiment to determine if I am correct.  On flip side if someone were to perform an evil action with me as target then the performer of the action would be hit with a trillion to the power 3 million units of punishment, which is certain death.

E. I protect innocents (at least I intend to)

1. I have setup an intent that makes it so I protect innocents ( some are politicians and others are all walks of life  ) that are targeted for murder or non fatal physical harm.  When I protect someone I protect from physical and magical harm (at least that is my intent) .  It is automatic thus I let my spiritual heart decide how to respond to threats.

F. curse removal

1. I have had success in cancelling curses, removing curses, and protecting from curses.  A curse is  basically result of a spell ritual performed so as to cause harm or cause changes to one or more entities without permission from the one or more entities.  When I do healing prayer for someone I also cancel all curses afflicting the person.

G. I don't need to travel

1. If for reason it is determined I need to travel to problem site the client pays travel costs or gives me a ride to problem site.   It is unlikely I will need to travel, I checked(using my intuition) and there are only 5 places on Earth which I would need to be on site to cleanse all evil present.  Of the 5 places I feel that I will never be asked to cleanse the evil because no evil is thought to be at the sites.

H. cost of my services

1. I have no set rate.  I accept monetary payment if client feels I helped.  And the monetary payment can be given later or never.

2. If you want to send me a monetary payment please use Western Union services so as to send the payment to me if I am not meeting you in person.

I. my contact information

1. my email is: info @

2. If required my mailing address is :
Roch Leblond
Apt 7, 192 prince street Pembroke, Ontario
K8A 4L7

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