Roch Leblond

Roch Leblond

I can sometimes be found at the Pembroke Mews
143 pembroke street west, Pembroke, Ontario

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Spiritual Teacher(Guru) and Psychic Consultant
also Medical Intuitive and energy healer.

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I live in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada.

Basically I am on the side of light.  I strive to never cause harm to others.  I perceive myself as a shield and a healer. I will not elaborate about my spiritual level but it does make so that a distance healing session does not take much time, and thus for some situations the session may be finished 5 seconds after clicking.

I am not a paranormal investigator,  spirit medium and table turner thus I am not interested in communicating with the dead(or demons) and I am not a scientist.

I have had some success at  being able to remove/cancel harmful magicks, psychic attacks, and spiritual attacks affecting humans and/or animals.  What some define as curses I can undo.

A large percent of individuals that cast curse spells in North America use  shoddy curse rituals that are quickly killing them.  After one (or more)  curse casters conclude a curse ritual they are punished with substances (which I deem evil because it damages human body until death occurs quicker for children slower for adults) from two of the higher planes of this existence level where we live in the physical plane(#4).  The substances spread far and wide, up to 18 kilometers(at least that is my detection range.  

Some spellcasters cast spell that harm them when intent is good, I can easily debug the spell ritual so as to determine what part of the ritual is harmful and I can advise change.  To determine if a spell ritual is harmful use a pendulum(if you know pendulum use procedures) and ask if the spell ritual when performed will cause damage to the one or more spellcasters involved.

As far I can determine (with regards to spell casting) an adult is someone 21 years old or more.  Thus I consider (with regards to spell casting) a child is someone younger than 21 years of age.  If one or two adults participate in a ritual of 8 or more children it is ok, the likelihood of harm to the children is low and higher if a curse ritual.  If one or two children participate in a ritual of 8 or more adults it is not OK, the likelihood of harm to the children is moderate and extremely high(very much eventually fatal) if the ritual is a  curse ritual.  Thus kids with kids and adults with adults when it comes performing rituals, mixing it up can be harmful to kids.

When a person casts a successful curse they are punished by being covered with what I designate as an evil substance that damages body parts and leads to death for those younger than 21 years of ageIf someone younger than 21 years of age fears dying soon because they cast some curses then click the button on this web page that states "Click for Healing".  

For some situations I can take care of [and most times eliminate] ghosts, and invisible entities that make noise or a mess or injuries or death.

I  am willing to go anywhere to possibly eliminate ghostly problem, although it is determined I need to travel to problem site the client pays travel costs or gives me a ride to problem site.

I have no set rate.  I accept monetary payment if client feels I helped.  And the monetary payment can be given later or never.

If you want to send me a monetary payment please use Western Union services so as to send the payment to me if I am not meeting you in person.

If required my mailing address is : 
Roch Leblond
Apt 7, 192 prince street
Pembroke, Ontario
K8A 4L7