Roch Leblond

Roch Leblond

I can sometimes be found at the Pembroke Mews
143 pembroke street west, Pembroke, Ontario

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Spiritual Teacher(Guru) and Psychic Consultant
also Medical Intuitive and energy healer and other services I have not yet determined.

If you want a distance healing session for yourself (or someone else) then click on above contact button, write and then submit your request. 

If you want your home to be cleansed then click on above contact button, write and then submit your request.

I will process your requests once a day, most likely in the evening.  There is no preparation required on your end.

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I live in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada.

Basically I am on the side of light.  I strive to never cause harm to others.  I perceive myself as a shield and a healer.

I am not a paranormal investigator,  spirit medium and table turner thus I am not interested in communicating with the dead(or demons) and I am not a scientist. 

When I perform a remote healing prayer all negativity and other unnecessary problem causers will be eliminated. 

If you want your home cleansed then click above contact button, type your request and submit your request. When I process your request your home will rid of negativity and ghosts(you don't want) and evil spirits (the activity of cleansing can be understood as ghostbusting or ghost elimination and sometimes named ghost exorcism). 

I have had success in canceling curses, removing curses, and protecting from curses.  A curse is  basically result of a spell ritual performed so as to cause harm or cause changes to one or more entities without permission from the one or more entities.

If for reason it is determined I need to travel to problem site the client pays travel costs or gives me a ride to problem site.

I have no set rate.  I accept monetary payment if client feels I helped.  And the monetary payment can be given later or never.

If you want to send me a monetary payment please use Western Union services so as to send the payment to me if I am not meeting you in person.

my email is: info @

If required my mailing address is :
Roch Leblond
Apt 7, 192 prince street Pembroke, Ontario
K8A 4L7

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